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Architectural Solutions With LLumar

At Allegra Cedar Rapids we’re passionate about quality. That’s why we partner exclusively with LLumar® for all our architectural window films. Produced in the United States by the world’s largest window film manufacturers, LLumar’s® products are built to last. Our architectural graphics and window films invite interest in your business, improve energy savings, and increase the comfort and safety of your facility.

Solar Control

LLumar® solar control window films are designed to eliminate damaging ultraviolet light, heat, and glare.

LLumar® ILLusions™

LLumar’s® decorative line offers endless possibilities to enhance the look and feel of spaces. Explore a variety of solutions to add style and privacy to your environment.


LLumar® safety films are strong and scratch-resistant, protecting glass from storms, earthquakes, forced-entry, vandalism, and explosions.